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about us

Auras... Energy Centers... Chakras... it can all be overwhelming. You can feel them but usually can’t see them.


My first experience with having my aura photographed was life-changing for me. It helped me because I was able to see my own energy for the first time. It became a tangible thing to me and therefore, the way I thought about myself and my energy changed.


That one little visit changed everything and set me on a metaphysical journey to discover myself and help others do the same. This is the experience I want to bring to everyone who visits us here at BeYoutiful Soul Aura Photography.


Whether you choose to have an aura photo or receive a live energy reading, where we go through some exercises manipulating your energy in real-time, the goal is to show you yourself and the power that you have. It’s an amazing experience! 


That I hope to share with you soon...

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