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It’s always nerve wracking doing something different, especially when it comes to learning about yourself. But...if you’re considering doing this, I HIGHLY recommend! The space FEELS safe and as if the rest of the world is on pause for a bit. Nikki is gentle in her approach and she is super intuitive. The process itself is easy and helps to align where you are with yourself...and therefore with others. Some of it can be uncomfortable. Some reassuring. All of which help to make you a better you...if you let it, of course 💜💜

Emm Jay

Nikki is a true professional! My experience at BeYoutiful was amazing. Nikki is very knowledgeable about aura photography explained the process clearly. The extensive 14 page report was so accurate and enlightening. I'm still gleaning jewels from it. You won't be disappointed.

Nickie Graves

First things first, BeYoutiful Soul Aura Photography is the coolest experience!
I must admit, I was skeptical at first but kept an open mind and I am truly grateful that I did. I met with Nikki who immediately made me feel at home and at ease. The energy in this place is lovely and calming. She was very attentive and went into detail about the process and what to expect.
I won't go into much detail about the process, but I enjoyed myself and might even dare to say it was fun. I left amazed by how accurate the reading was and with my photo keepsake and a detailed report.
All in all. Nikki is truly a pleasure and this is an experience that I'd encourage anyone to try.
Sharing this place with all my friends!

Yaz E.

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